The future of data. Now.

With patented data fusion technology that can clean and combine data in record time, EVLVE is changing the value that organizations can get from their data.


75% of your data's value is being wasted...


With traditional data management systems, very little of the value of an organization's data becomes accessible. Because of the rigid nature of these systems, and the technical obstacles in combining data from siloed enterprise systems, data enterprise efforts frequently deliver just a fraction of the value that is possible.

Data Fusion changes the way that data can be used by organizations. Using advanced algorithmic joins and dynamic fusion models, EVLVE's patented fusion technology can join data at the record-level to create a valuable Single Source of Truth.


The advantages in your data.

The capability to access and analyze clean and fully integrated data from every bank system offers tremendous business advantages for banks. When a bank’s data is brought together in real-time to drive insight and action, the benefits can stretch across a bank.


Grow Revenue

Implement true omni-channel strategies, highlight cross sell opportunities, prospect new customers, identify existing high value customers, evaluate the competition, increase market share, etc.


Lower Costs

Optimize staffing models, identify inefficiencies, understand branch performance, improve customer targeting, reallocate resources for immediate ROI, etc.


Reduce Risk

Identify hidden errors, predict customer attrition, highlight unrecognized pain points, identify possible fraud, support compliance, etc.


Born in defense intelligence.
Bred for business.

Datanova Scientifi c developed unrivaled data and analytics expertise while leading mission-critical projects for U.S. defense & intelligence agencies, and U.S. federal agencies. Over this time, Datanova proved itself capable of securing and protecting America’s most sensitive data, while delivering exceptional technical capabilities and strategic insights and services.

We’ve now optimized our technological advantage for the financial sector, creating unmatched data unification and fusion capabilities, while streamlining processes and analytics for commercial requirements.

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Why banking feels the same everywhere

And how banks can continue to distinguish themselves.

Since the 80s, when banking started to grow into the tiered system that we have today, there has been something of a competitive armistice between big banks and community banks. However, technology has started to break down these barriers. Advances in data utilization and the greater access to advanced banking utilities, are making it possible for big banks to know their customers better, and for small banks to expand capabilities faster. Read more in Explorations.