The Fusion Hub Application Partnership Program

The Fusion Hub, Datanova’s advanced enterprise data fusion system supports consultants, technology service providers, and software providers in significantly enhancing their capabilities, scaling up their knowledge resources, and reaching new audiences.

By making it easier than ever to access, extract, unify, and model enterprise data, The Fusion Hub enables service providers to deliver a level of capability and results that were previously unachievable, at an unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Datanova offers three (3) programs through The Fusion Hub for strategic partners that are looking to activate the transformative potential of client and customer data in an advanced, scalable enterprise data management utility:

  1. Analytics Partners 

    Specialized service providers or thought leaders who offer insights and custom analysis that drives the understanding and application of data for customers. 

  2. Development Partners 

    Technical developers and service providers that deliver functionality, workflows, and capabilities to support the business objectives of organizations in specific industry verticals. 

  3. System Partners 

    Providers of external software, business systems, data, or other services that leverage the unique capabilities provided by The Fusion Hub and connect to the The Fusion Hub enterprise data fusion system through direct integration or process automation. 

Program Features and Benefits

Scale Service Offerings for Added Revenue 

The Fusion Hub Application Platform enables service providers to leverage their industry expertise to deliver scalable web-based services and experiences to a broader customer base than may be accessible through standard consulting service engagements. 

Access High-Quality Development Resources 

Datanova Scientific maintains a network of expert application developers who can provide Analytics Partners with access to high-quality development talent, specifically trained to build for the Fusion Hub Application Platform, as well as the wider online SaaS marketplace. 

Broaden Awareness of Brand Service Offerings 

The Fusion Hub Application Platform provides service providers with a method to provide functional demonstration of their particular area of expertise and deliver top-level functionality at low cost to the service provider. For application customers that seek a deeper engagement, the Application provides immediate referral functionality to the service providers larger set of service and consulting offerings.

Develop on a Predictable Data Environment

The Fusion Hub Application Platform creates a predictable data environment through its advanced data unification and fusion process. These standardized data models make it easier for Application Developers to build scalable and replicable software systems with the confidence that the customer data will conform to requirements.



To learn more about the Fusion Hub Application Partnership program, contact Darien Bates SVP, Applied Data Strategy at or call 1.877.619.NOVA (6682). To apply to become a Fusion Hub Application Partner, fill out the form below.

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