The EVLVE System

EVLVE provides seamless source-to-insight capabilities that limit the possibility of error, dramatically reduces manual work effort, and enhances user trust in the analytical outputs.

Each of the EVLVE tools can be used independently to fill gaps in an existing data infrastructure, or they can be combined in a seamless system to supercharge your organization’s enterprise data management and utilization.




  • Ingest data from SaaS systems, internal databases, external sources, and even flat files

  • Unify data of any type and format, including unstructured data and text files

  • Easily updatable data model that unifies data fields and formats without requiring an alteration to source formats or system integrations



  • Apply advanced algorithms to combine any data

  • Join and combine data at the record-level to produce a “Golden” data set, while resolving record duplication and data conflicts

  • Run searches and analytics across all of a bank’s data systems, as well as external sources



  • Store and manage disparate information, with extensible historical data storage and enterprise-level redundancy

  • Connect to an unlimited set of data sources

  • Maintain complex data relationships in an advanced, flexible architecture, that serves as a comprehensive Single Source of Truth for the bank



  • Analyze all types of data (structured, free text, geographic, etc.)

  • Easy, out-of-the box Big Data analytics, prepared for banks

  • Build, customize, deploy, and share visualizations through live linking

  • Proprietary “app-store,” offers a growing library of bank-specific analytics and functionality developed for bankers, by bankers.