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The Fusion Hub System

The Datanova Fusion Hub provides seamless source-to-insight capabilities that limit the possibility of error, dramatically reduces manual work effort, and enhances user trust in the analytical outputs.

The Datanova Fusion Hub system can be used to fill gaps in an existing data infrastructure, or can serve as a central data system to supercharge your organization’s enterprise data management and utilization.

Single Source Search for Easy Data Access

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The Fusion hub offers a Single Source Search interface for non-technical users that enables them to search across an entire organization’s fused data set from a single location, while maintaining a log of provenance and trust for the identified records.

The fusion hub application Marketplace

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The Fusion Hub Application Marketplace features pre-configured applications and custom-built analytics developed by Datanova and a network of expert service providers and technology developers.

Easily Activate “Pre-Ingested” Data

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The Fusion Hub maintains an expanding library of external data sources, making it easy to activate external data and fuse the data with internal customer data. Sources include free and open-source data, as well as data provided from leading data vendors.

The Data Fusion Process

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The Fusion Hub is an innovative system for fusing data at the speed of business.

With a streamlined, live-data processing model, The Fusion Hub can connect to internal data sources, external applications, and even free-floating data files, to bring together data quickly, fuse it, and make it actionable within seconds.