A Bank Data Strategy that CEOs & CTOs can love

How an evolutionary data strategy can support organizational transformation

For banks, aligning fast-changing business objectives and priorities with long-term IT requirements, processes, and timelines is an enormous challenge. The solution lies in a new approach to institutional data management.

This webinar looks at how banks can align their business and technological initiatives through an evolutionary approach to data management that leverages small-scale project-based success and learnings to generate a foundation for long-term business growth and technological development.

Who is this for:

  • CEOs seeking smarter, lower-risk approaches to activating bank data in a measurable, results-oriented methodology.

  • CTOs looking to manage technological change in alignment with organizational goals and priorities.

  • Other bank leaders and stakeholders seeking to leverage data to drive business outcomes for their departments.

What attendees will learn:

  • How a project-based approach can align business and technological priorities.

  • How to use small wins to drive big transformation.

  • What kinds of technological solutions support an incremental approach to strategy.

  • Identifying stakeholder interests to support organizational adoption of data initiatives.

  • When to make big technological investments